What is The Modern Homesteader?

Homesteading. It is a word that gets tossed around and everyone thinks they know what it means, but

When you first hear the word homesteading, what comes to mind? People loading up covered wagons heading west in search of a different life? A large tract of land with many animals roaming about? Churning butter by candlelight?

When we first got started, we did simple searches online about homesteading and quickly found lots of content! How-to information, advice, products, kits. You name it, you can find it online. And we were overwhelmed: Advice on how to raise your chickens. How you can lower your costs on just about anything. How to prepare your bunker for armageddon (wait– that’s a real thing? And I should be thinking about it!?!). Except one thing– the people and their stories. Why did they start homesteading? What’s driving their decisions? Where do they live? How do they make it day-in and day-out.

That’s where The Modern Homesteader comes in.

This isn’t just another site about one family’s journey into homesteading. Sure, we’ll talk about ourselves on here from time to time. But what we’re really interested in is the stories of other homesteaders. And we’ll venture to guess that you’re interested as well. The Modern Homesteader is about you. It’s about your stories and your journey into homesteading in the modern era. As part of our regular “Homesteader Spotlight” series, we’ll feature new stories of homesteaders just like you. We’ll take you into their homestead and give you a glimpse of what life is like for them (good and bad) and what it means to them to be a “modern homesteader.” And along the way, we hope that we’ll make a few new friends, too!

Ready to get started? We’ll be publishing our first Homesteader Spotlights soon. In the meantime, connect with us on Instagram and be sure to sign up to get our weekly email so you never miss a thing!