About The Modern Homesteader

Hi! We’re the Parks Family and we’re the driving force behind The Modern Homesteader! Two years ago, we picked up our family and moved from the nice, suburban neighborhood we’d lived in for nearly 15 years and headed out into the country. The desire of our hearts was to get out into some wide open spaces so we could be connected to the outdoors, have img_20161001_180541655_hdra bit more space and let our children (and ourselves) experience a slower pace of life. Jon wasn’t a farmer (he’s still not sure that he really is one!). He works in digital marketing where he owns his own consulting company, Dijital Farm. Inbound marketing and search engine optimization are the things he’s most familiar with. Melinda taught 4th grade for several years before answering the call to stay home when our first child was born. She’s an amazing mother and homeschool teacher to our five wonderful children. And she is very comfortable with curriculum, lesson plans and enlightening young minds. But in our hearts, we knew that we needed a different lifestyle. We needed a stronger connection as a family. We wanted our children to learn valuable life skills and appreciate the world that God has created. We learned a long time ago that it is easy to get disconnected from God if you are avoid spending time in His creation. We didn’t want that. We wanted to live in a way that is connected to God. And moving out into the country was a way to do that.

Now, we have a couple of acres just outside of the small town of Wendell, NC where we have Black Austalorp and Rhode Island Red chickens and the foundation of gardens where we’re growing our own food. We back up to a 180+ acre tobacco farm and our nearest neighbors live in a house that was used as a Civil War field hospital. Oh, we’re still a part of the modern world (it’s not like we got rid of air conditioning– we do live in North Carolina where it gets pretty hot in the summer!). But in the end, we are a new type of pioneer. We’re seeking a different way of life. We want to get back to our roots and do things the right and natural way. Don’t get us wrong. We don’t have anything against anyone that lives with all the latest gadgets in the large, suburban house. We just wanted something a little different. We wanted to learn how to take care of the land. We wanted to grow our own food. We wanted to live a healthier, natural life. We want to become as self sufficient as we possibly can.

And that’s where The Modern Homesteader comes in. Typically, you might think a homestead is out in the rural prairie of the American west. And for some, that is the case. But we believe that the homestead is anywhere you want to call home while learning how to care for and become self-sufficient. And as we set out on our journey, we’ve met some really amazing people that, like us, started their own homestead. Our goal with this site is to introduce you to the stories behind the story of the modern homesteading movement. We want you to hear from them in their own words what exactly is driving them to pursue the homesteading lifestyle. And who knows: along the way, you may draw some inspiration from others that wanted to live just a little bit differently, too!

Welcome to The Modern Homesteader. We don’t have it all figured out. But this is a journey and we’re excited to bring you the stories of homesteaders that are doing some really amazing things!